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      Externally Employed Marketing Discipline Leader Lectured on Hello, 5G

      On the afternoon of September 25, 2019, the Academic Exchange Center of the Second Teaching Building was packed to capacity in a lively atmosphere. The externally-recruited discipline leader of the marketing, Liao Song, also the deputy general manager of the marketing department of Sichuan Telecom, was invited to address teaching staff and students ?with Hello 5G's wonderful. More than 200 teachers and students listened to the lecture.

      In the lecture, Liao Song talked about the history and trend of the ICT development. He introduced such 5G advantages as speed faster than 4G, lower latency, larger capacity. He also shared his views that 5G research and commercial evolution processes in China and other countries, the problems accompanying it, etc.; and analysis & introduction of live streaming by 5G + VR, shopping with 5G+ AR, smart transportation with 5G +, remote diagnosis 5G +, intelligent manufacturing 5G+, comprehensive management 5G+ and other application scenarios, and the change would bring to people's learning, life and work, etc. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Liao Song also addressed that China's 5G technology occupied world's leading position, which stimulated attendees to further enhance their technological self-confidence and enhance national pride.

      The lecture focused on the 5G technology to be commercialized, offering teachers and students opportunities to further understand the development frontier of information and communication technology, keep up with the development trend of technology, make appropriate reserves for 5G technology business in advance, better cultivate talents to better support the rapid development of information communication.