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      Exchange Seminars Held for Sichuan Vocational College Masters Workshop Heads Advanced Training Class

      On September 26, 2019, advanced skills seminar for double-titled teaching masters’ workshop heads and senior technicians from Innovative Platform for ungently-needed professions of the vocational colleges was held in the multi-function hall of the library. Yan Chunmiao, head of the vocational education project of the Sichuan Teachers Training Project Office, Feng Yuanhong, deputy secretary of CPC party committee, president of the college, heads of the college & party committee office, communication engineering school, experimental training center, HR department (teacher development center), and the 47 chiefs of the workshop (platform) from Sichuan Vocational Education and Adult Education Institute participated in the exchange. President Feng Yuanhong delivered a welcome speech at the exchange meeting. On behalf of the college, he expressed warm welcome to the host of the famous teacher workshop (platform) seminar. He extended sincere heart to the provincial teacher training agency, the provincial academy and various peer colleges that have long cared for and supported the development of the work. He also introduced the status quo of the college and the medium-term and long-term development goals, as well as the great importance that the leaders attached to the construction of the workshop, shared the guarantee measures from organization, system security and funding aspects in the workshop construction, hoping this seminar & exchange meeting promote the construction of the college workshop (platform)? to ‘serve the initial heart and shoulder the mission’, and to contribute to the new paradigm of the higher vocational communication technology and the construction of the vocational education system in Sichuan Province.

      At the exchange meeting, the college expert, the party branch secretary of the School of Communication Engineering, and the host of the Sichuan communication technology ‘double professional title’ master workshop, professor Wei Zexun made a keynote report on the exchange of experience in the construction of communication technology professional teachers' workshop.

      In the exchange, Yan Chunmiao, the person in charge of the vocational education projects of the Sichuan Teachers Training Projects Office, expressed gratitude for the significance and support of the college in the construction of the workshop, and fully affirmed the achievements of the college’s communication technology professional teacher workshop. The room (platform) hosts people should study construction experience and good practices.

      After the exchange, the participants of advanced training class read the various documents of the communication technology workshop and visited the experimental facilities with great interest.