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      Thirteenth China Telecom 'Creation Excellence Cup' Marketing Skills Competition: Commercial Client Area Competition" large-scale event, Successfully Implemented by the College (company)

      Recently, hosted by China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. and hosted by Sichuan Post and Telecommunications Vocational and Technical College (Science and Technology Training Branch of Sichuan Communications Industry Service Co., Ltd.), the tenth theme is "Creating excellence, empowering elites, melting clouds and winning the future" as the theme. The third session of the China Telecom "Creation Excellence Cup" marketing skill competition was held in Chengdu, and 118 teams from 4 film divisions in 31 provinces across the country participated in the contest. A total of 354 participants participated in the contest.

      Fan Hua, the manager of China Telecom Group's commercial customer department, came to the Chengdu stadium and gave a mobilization speech at the launching ceremony of the competition. Through the Five Ones thought, he pointed out the requirements and inevitable trends for the upgrade of China Telecom's strategic transformation capabilities, and emphasized the study of scenario, the value and significance of the marketing model, and emphasized that the purpose of the competition was to deeply dig customer scenarios through the competition, actively research key industries, precipitate and output typical cases, achieve large-scale revenue generation, and to cultivate marketing elite. Expectation and encouragement for all the players to participate in the game with all their demeanor and to promote the output of the competition were also included in the speech.

      The competition was organized by province, and divided into 4 areas: A area, B1 area, B2 area, and C area. The three-day schedule of the regional competition includes two stages: Marketing agents (move-in condition) business-oriented training, and real-time move-in condition marketing simulation. Panoramic simulation customs clearance had three links: marketing preparation, simulated visit, and resumption summary. Each team passed the assessment one by one to complete the game. In the fierce competition, the contestants fully demonstrated the outstanding style and marketing level of the telecom business team. After the competition, the 40 participating teams stood out from the many outstanding teams and successfully advanced to the national rematch.

      The competition was organized and implemented by the college (company) telecommunication government-enterprise training-production integration support project team. It provided high-level competition services for the entire project cycle from pre-match preparation, scheduling, competition organization to competition summary, and won the competition. It gained acknowledgement andgratitude from such organizer and the contestants as China Telecom Group's System Empowerment Department and Government, Enterprise and Business Client Department expressed their for the strong support for the contest, and hoped that normalized operation support would help government and enterprise account managers to transform and promote the implementation of the telecommunications group's cloud reform strategy.