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      The 18th World Police and Firefighter Games Volunteer Work Summary Meeting Held in the College

      Recently, the 18th World Police and Firefighter Games Volunteer Service Summary Meeting, hosted by the Communist Youth League of Chengdu, was held in the Academic Exchange Center of our college. Li Mingwei, deputy secretary of the Chengdu Youth League Committee of the Communist Youth League, Peng Jianqiong, member of the party committee and vice president of the College, relevant staff in the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, the Office of the Foreign Affairs Working Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the heads of the relevant departments of the Chengdu Sports Bureau and volunteer representatives of higher learning institutions in the city attended the meeting.

      Vice President Peng Jianqiong delivered a speech. She said that the College had always attached importance to the improvement of students comprehensive quality. It had taken the promotion of volunteer spirit as an important content of students' ideological education, and taken young volunteer actions of colleges and universities as an important carrier of ideological and moral education for students in the new era, actively carrying out various volunteer service activities. The college wished to let students raise their level of ideology and understanding, take on social responsibilities, and establish a new era of dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress in volunteer activities. She pointed out that through the World Police Conference, students’ consciousness as social masters had been enhanced, and students' good social morality and noble moral qualities had been further cultivated, so that students could gain insights in volunteering and feel the happiness and joy when they were serving others. She emphasized that although the volunteer work of the World Police Committee was successfully concluded, the concept of helping each other, helping others to help themselves, selfless dedication, and not asking for returns advocated by the volunteer spirit would continue to inspire the people on campus. In the future, she hoped that all students would integrate the spirit of dedication to learning and life.

      Volunteer representative Li Xuejie shared the experience of volunteering with the World Police Committee. She said that the volunteer service of the World Police Committee made her understand that volunteers were business cards for a city. She not only increased her skills, gained friendship, but also experienced the volunteering spirit of dedication and help, and she determined to continue this spirit in future study and life.?

      Finally, Li Mingwei, deputy secretary of the Chengdu Youth League Committee of the Communist Youth League, made a speech.  

      Secretary Li Mingwei highly praised the performance of the city's 6021 volunteers in the World Police and Firefighter Games, which fully demonstrated the excellent quality of contemporary college students and reflected the dedication of Chengdu youth. Secretary Ming Wei said that the World Police Conference was the beginning of Chengdu's creation of a world-famous city of Three Metropolitans and Three Capitalsnamely the world famous cultural and creative city, tourism city, event-holding city, international gastronomic capital, music capital, and exhibition capital ?. For the 2021 World University Games, the 2020 World Table Tennis Championships and the 2025 World Games,? he hoped all volunteers would keep initial aspiration of dedication and mutual assistance Volunteering, friendship, progress in mind, to interpret the spirit of volunteerism with youth, let the world hear the voice of Sichuan.